Amendments & effects
Balanced Labour Market Act (WAB)

The Balanced Labour Market Act (WAB) was passed by the Upper House of the Dutch parliament on 28 May 2019. The WAB will come into effect on 1 January 2020. The intention of the WAB is to make it more attractive for Dutch employers to hire workers on a permanent basis. Furthermore, the WAB contains measures aimed at narrowing the gap between permanent and flexible labour. What does all this mean for you as an employer? Amendments may still be made to the WAB. We would like to take you through the current amendments and what these amendments mean for you as an employer. Together, we will draft strategies and policies that ensure your organization stays efficient and complies with the Dutch Law

Please note! Does your organisation follow a collective labour agreement (CLA)? In that case, non-standard provisions may be included in the CLA. We are happy to check this for you: request a consultation.

1. Provisions on succession of fixed-term contracts

2. On-call contracts

3. Unemployment Benefit (WW)

4. New ground for dismissal: the cumulation ground

5. The transition fee

6. Contract suspension term