Tentoo HR Consulting

How does your organization comply with the Dutch Employment Laws? Creating and maintaining your human resources policy can be challenging. Tentoo HR Consulting provides you with a dedicated HR manager who helps you craft HR policy, maintain compliance and functions as your local expert.

HR fundamentals

Whether you have a specific question or you would like the safety of outsourcing your HR all together - we can help you. For some clients our consultants provide interim HR support for a couple of hours a week. And for other clients our consultants simply step in on ad- hoc basis. The type of service depends on your needs. We're flexible.

The goal is to focus on building a steady HR in the Netherlands for the long-term. Properly structuring and executing your HR policy is vital to the wellbeing of your employees and allows you to focus on your core business:

o Employee manual

o Compensation and pay programs

o Performance management systems

o Contract management

o Leave and absence policies

o Company policy

o Compliance with Dutch employment laws

Local HR support when you need it

Non-compliance with the Dutch employment laws and regulations could be costly.

A lot of regulations in the Netherlands differ from other countries. Partnering with a local expert will ensure your compliance with the employment laws of the Netherlands.

Our experienced consultants offer full support and help you limit risk. As they provide you with know-how in order to deal correctly with questions about sickness, leave, contract management and HR in general. We can report directly to the international HR manager so that you will be able to closely monitor local operations.

Our HR consultants have a lot of experience supporting international organizations. They are up to date with the most recent developments in the HR business and relevant laws and regulations.

We can also
assist you with:

Salary administration

Payroll and HR are often associated with each other but require specific knowledge. Our Payroll specialists, who process the payroll for more than 1000 clients, and HR Consultants work closely together, so we'll be able to support you in both fields.


Tentoo has multiple partners who will assist you with their expert opinion when you need it. These partners include legal counsels, insurance specialists, pension advisors and the Dutch occupational health and safety agency.