Tentoo HR Consulting

Does your organization not have an HR department (yet) but do HR responsibilities take up more and more of your time? Tentoo HR Consulting provides flexible HR support when and where you need it the most.

Flexible HR support

As your organization grows, the HR responsibilities grow just as fast. Owners of small organizations often do everything themselves, including HR. Unfortunately HR laws and policies are ever-changing which makes it almost impossible to stay up-to-date.

HR is also very time-consuming. How do you cope with employment conditions, employee performances and personnel files? Which steps do you take in the event of dismissal or long-term absenteeism?

We believe that a solid HR policy is vital to the wellbeing of your employees and allows you to focus on your core business. Therefore, we want to contribute to all organizations that work on a well-functioning HR policy. We support you with:

  • Employee manual
  • Compensation and pay programs
  • Performance management systems
  • Contract management
  • Leave and absence policies
  • Company policy
  • Compliance with Dutch employment laws

Your interim HR professional

For some clients our consultants step in on ad-hoc basis (f.e. setting up an employee manual). For other clients our consultants provide interim HR support for a couple of hours a week. Small organizations without a HR employee mostly choose the second option. The type of service depends on your needs. We're flexible.

Our HR consultants have experience supporting a wide range of organizations, from smaller start-ups to big companies. They are up to date with the most recent developments in the HR business and relevant laws and regulations. Our team rapidly onboards and seamlessly fits into your organization culture. Without a doubt they add value to your organization the moment they arrive on site.

Save time in the long run by using HR from the start.

Did you know...

...employers are required to conclude a contract with an occupational health and safety service? Concluding a basic contract does not have to be very expensive. However, we advise you to consider the additional absence packages to prevent unexpected additional costs. Would you like to know more? We can put you in contact with our partner.

... as an employer you are required to have a Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) to promote health and safety within your organization? Not having an RI&E results in a fine.